Lantern Model:APP266-10C
Lamp type:Ceiling – hanging
Dimensions:86 cm x 105 cm
Applied thread:Integrated LED source
Power:Mains ~ 220V – ~ 240V
Light source included:No

We present you an unusual lamp with as many as ten points of light!

The presented lamp is certainly a bold choice – it is not difficult to notice that our product immediately attracts attention. All thanks to the exceptionally many arms with a bulb thread, thus, the lamp can power up to  ten  points of light!


Despite the number of threads, the design of the lamp is extremely spacious and the simple form makes the lamp perfectly harmonize with any arrangement and purpose of the room. Bedroom, living room or children’s room – it does not matter – it will look great in each of these rooms!


The threads used in the lamp are the popular E27 used in most lamps. By choosing our product, you will certainly refresh your interior and give it a unique character.